Backpacking in the Eastern High Atlas Mountains, Morocco (2009).

Hello and welcome to Witless Wanderings! My name is David and I write this blog. I have enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember…er well at least back to high school, but it was while living in the Eastern High Atlas Mountains of Morocco (as a Peace Corps Volunteer) that I came to understand the beauty and randomness of nibbling sheep and the joy of the wandering mind. Sheep wander in a seemingly witless way, meaning they go where and how they must without too much thought. “Thinking not-thinking” as Zen master Dogen said. Thought and action perfectly unified in the present moment is how I think sheep wander. I don’t dare think that my writing could be as beautiful as a wandering, nibbling ewe; however, my life and my writing do seem to wander here and there much like foraging sheep.




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