Here in the Beginning


Top of Jebel Maasker (10,800 ft), Eastern High Atlas Mountains, Morocco.


So far inside boundlessness

Beyond words and ideas

Dwelling in wholeness.


Empty of selfhood

Brimming with fullness

Interconnected beyond belief.


Beyond, gone gone way beyond

Emerging spontaneously from silence

Into the cacophony of life.


Equal wholeness of beginning and ending

I merge with oneness and am myself again.


My Own Disappearance




Seamless soft sand, a roaring sea

Featureless, smooth sky

Gray fog obscurity.

Godwits in tawny plumage, gulls wrapped in clouds

Forage in the margins, each doing

Their dance with the tide.

Brought in daily from somewhere

Nowhere at all, the ocean’s graveyard

A detrital line of gifts from the sea.

Reminders of our frailty

Here just for a moment

Breathing in the long now.

Following a line of pelicans following waves

I traverse the arc of my own disappearance

And am gone before I know it.