Preserved Lemons and Moroccan Cuisine

Kristin and I just got published in Taproot Magazine! Check out Issue 18: Preserve and our article on preserved lemons and the exotic flavors of Moroccan cooking!

Wild Home Economics

Kristin and I are very excited to let you all know that we were recently published Taproot Magazine, an ad-free magazine focused on family, farming, food and craft. We are honored to have recipes inspired by our years living in Morocco published in this wonderful magazine and encourage you all to check it out! Our article explains how to make preserved lemons and their use in three recipes. Two of those recipes come straight from the family we lived with in Morocco (we video taped them making these classic Moroccan dishes and then reviewed that video for this article). It was an interesting experience to take orally transmitted recipes from such a different culture and translate them into our language and our culture! We look forward to doing more of this cross-cultural translation and will post those recipes on this site!

If you pick up a copy of Issue 18:…

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