What is “Useless”?

CB-July07 295

Let your mind be like a pearl rolling in a silver bowl.

~ Zen Saying

The short answer is: everything. You, me, the earth, the moon and the stars. Our inherent nature is to be useless; not useful as we erroneously believe. In order for that to happen we need to stop trying to make ourselves and everything else in this universe so damned useful. We need to let someone or something simply be what it is and not try to make it something else. If you are like me, and I believe this is a fundamental human characteristic, we are constantly trying to make something or someone into something different than it actually is; often something useful. Because whether we are conscious of it or not we believe that until something is useful it doesn’t have worth, value or merit and therefore we can simply throw it away (wherever away is),use it up, destroy it, neglect it, pollute it.  Being most true to ourselves and others would be letting things be useless. Let the wind blow and let the rain fall. Useless. Let the sun shine and the plants grow. Useless. The rain is useless and the wind is useless and the sun is useless and so too are the plants, and the moon and the mountains and the rivers that flow. This life, this death, this breath and these words are all utterly useless. Nothing more than witless wanderings. If I can know them deeply, intimately and let them be, I too can be useless and free. Like nibbling sheep or a cow chewing its cud. Unrehearsed, unconditioned, useless and utterly free.


2 Comments on “What is “Useless”?”

  1. Jimmy says:

    i’ve read and re-read this. beautiful — one of my favourite posts of yours.

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